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Amor perfecto coffee is…

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Amor perfecto coffee is…

Cultivated, roasted , packaged and sealed with modified admosfera in Colombia , which guarantees its quality and is 100 % Colombian.

100% Colombian We only produce and serve 100% Colombian coffee (¡por supuesto!) and our committment to our country, and to coffee farmers and to coffee drinkers, runs deep.

100% Single Origin Our coffees originate from one single region in Colombia, such as Nariño or Cauca in the verdant and rich rolling hills of the country’s southwest. We’ll never mix beans, because each region in Colombia produces its own unique aromas and flavors.

100% SpecialtyWe produce some of the most recognized specialty coffees in the country, from a variety of origins, that have been certified and have earned at least 80 points (out of 100) on the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) scale.

100% Arabica Our beans are arabica, grown on small coffee fincas (farms) at an altitude between 800 and 2000 meters above sea level. In comparison with robusta beans, this type of coffee has a greater acidity, fuller body and a fruity aroma. It also has less caffeine (.5 – 1.8%) than robusta coffee beans (1.7-3.5%).

We roast our coffee with a classification four times above the minimum for Excelso – UGQ (Usual Good Quality required by authorities for coffee export.

97.5% of our beans are superior to screen size 16 and we guarantee that no more than three beans will contain some form of olfactory defect for every 500 grams of any crude take.

Additional 03/20: roast coffee is perfect love with a For Ranking above the minimum UGQ Export Quality Exalted , IE , 97.5 % of the grains are above 15 mesh guaranteeing no more than 4 errors bathroom green coffee 500 Gr

Profile of Coffe: Taste: Sweet , citrus fruit notes and acidity: Media , citrus and Aroma Fragrance: red aftertaste , citric , chocolate fruits : Chocolate Candy , Sweetness : Panela Honey , Body : Medium and creamy Creamy