Amor Perfecto was born 15 years ago in Bogotá, Colombia, under the name of Amor Perfeito and was originally a coffee shop and home accessories retail of roasted coffee. Amor Perfecto offers high quality coffees that allows, always to have a consistency in flavor, getting the best cup of 100% Colombian coffee specialty. Its beginnings from, Perfect Love has worked towards creating a coffee culture, focusing in academics, workshops and events spaces, with the aim of generating tools to democratize knowledge about coffee.

To provide the best quality for our customers and consumers, Amor Perfecto It remains at the forefront of technology, our roaster, in addition, saves energy up to 80%, it eliminates emissions resulting from the roasting process, which added to our annual planting trees fee, allows us to be a Carbon Zero certified company. Having the SMART LORING allows to have precise control over the process, ensuring the desired quality in our production process for consistent development of the best flavours and aroma in coffee.